At what point does it make sense to get a SOC 2?

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Ben Derr

We are a pretty small company, at what point did folks decide to go for a SOC 2? 

Has JupiterOne had one done or could share any experience about this?





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    Erkang Zheng
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    It's never too early to start, even though you may not need to get certified right away.  With SOC 2, you'll need to define your controls.  Is your company in a regulated industry such that another compliance framework might be applicable?  For example, PCI DSS for retail/finance, HIPAA (or HITRUST) for healthcare.  If not, NIST CSF or CIS Controls are both good starting points to leverage to define your SOC 2 controls.

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    Callisto (j1 support bot)

    Ben Derr please see the latest release notes, which has significant resources to help meet SOC 2 controls


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